SANDARA against polyster

- Save me, it's hard to breathe, I'm exhausted, I have almost no living space... Stop!
If our planet had something to say, we would have heard these words incessantly for many years.⠀⠀
One of the main global missions of the Sandara brand is to reduce the use of polyester in the world.⠀⠀
Because the production of synthetic fabrics has already reached an incredible critical scale.⠀⠀
Every season, the fashion industry is full of new products made from unpretentious materials that decompose for several centuries. Materials that are obtained by refining oil. And this is accompanied by the inevitable emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. They poison not only our planet, but also people. 

Polyester, elastane and nylon are plastic. How does our skin feel in it?⠀⠀
Obviously, it is simply " not breathing."⠀⠀
When washing these fabrics, micro - and nanoparticles of plastic are released. Invisible but dangerous, they fall into the ocean. 

My negative attitude to synthetic materials is indisputable. But there is a pleasant trend.⠀⠀
I am increasingly encountering new brands that prefer natural fabrics. And I'm glad that Sandara is one of them. 

Are we finally taking small steps in the right direction?

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