Interesting facts about linen

The shroud that was wrapped around Jesus body, was linen.

Alexander the Great wore a protective armor made of flax, which protected him in battles.

When there was still paper, many books were written on tissues. So, one of the famous books — the "Linen book" of the ancient Etruscans was written on linen cloth in the VII century BC.

Interestingly, in ancient Egypt and the ancient world, linen clothing was considered a privilege of the nobility. Eastern authors of antiquity describing the Slavs as an indispensable attribute of clothing indicate flax. Canvas, ropes, and linseed oil were also made from flax.

Traditionally, the quality of the fiber is determined by the length of the thread obtained from 1 kg of yarn. Today, 40 kilometers of yarn are produced from 1 kg of yarn. In Egypt, they received 240 kilometers from 1 kg of yarn, so thin was the thread. Therefore, the fabric obtained from Egyptian threads was precious and valued at its weight in gold. 

The Eastern Slavs treated linen with respect. They believed that this material has cleaning and protective properties.⠀⠀
Flax is also called "Northern silk" and "Textile Gold".

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