Honoring Earth

Exactly four years ago in January, we moved from Yakutia to the United States. Here I first encountered a conscious attitude to environmental problems. A lot of people sorted garbage, bought organic food and spent time in vegan cafes and eco-shops. ⠀

But there was another "life" that contrasted sharply with conscious consumption. Food and drinks in plastic packaging, disposable dishes and tons of low-quality clothing. I honestly tried to imagine the size of a landfill that replenishes its supplies every day with another plastic water bottle. But I couldn't. ⠀

Then I made a choice in favor of the first "camp", supporters and defenders of the environment. Partly because nature has always been very close to me. I grew up among wild, untouched forests, rivers and lakes. For every Yakut, nature is something magical. We believe in and honor the spirits of the Earth, air, water, and animal world. ⠀

Therefore, the Sandara brand is the most eco-friendly production. Thanks to you friends, we have already planted trees in 4 continents.⠀

We do not harm, but help. Together.

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