Finding life's work

You are mistaken if you think that it is too late to find your life's work

Neither my love for mathematics, nor my conscious choice of profession gave me the inner satisfaction that I tried to get from working as an economist in the civil service. Yes, this is a valuable experience in building working relationships and compiling reports. ⠀

But the joy that I feel now did not happen then. Sandara combines everything I've always dreamed of: creativity, a desire to help the environment, business and numbers. And when I get tired, the endless ideas in my head quickly give me inspiration and strength to move forward!⠀

How to understand that you "hit the target"?

  • You realize that you are doing something really necessary;⠀
  • You help with your activities and you have your own philosophy;⠀
  • Your interests fully or partially coincide with your job;⠀
  • You are getting better and see further prospects;⠀
  • New knowledge and acquaintances with interesting people motivate you;⠀
  • You quickly replenish energy, you can not sit idle for a long time;⠀
  • You would be happy to do it for free. The money is just a bonus. Therefore, it is easy for you to earn money. ⠀

What would you add to this list? ⠀

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