Can laziness be useful


Unexpected laziness, in my opinion, is a sign of accumulated fatigue. So the body defends itself, it begs for a well-deserved rest. ⠀

So I am convinced that the lazy "red flags" should not be ignored. Otherwise, there is a risk of "burn out" or get health problems.⠀

This will sound strange, but not everyone knows how to be lazy: ⠀

  • The right lazy person always turns off his head and indulges in daydreaming;⠀
  • He puts on comfortable clothes and, taking a horizontal position, thinks where else to lie down;⠀
  • No matter how urgent, no matter how urgent, the right lazy person will be led off the path of truth. ⠀

We often scold ourselves for laziness and try to fight it. But the right thing to do is to accept it and "live it." Because sometimes a day of doing nothing gives more energy and inspiration than a week's vacation abroad.⠀

What do you think of this sequence: laziness, rest, inspiration? 

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