The more respect, attention and care to ourselves - the more we become harmonious, calm, we want to give more, to do kind things. Therefore, first of all, Sandara creates comfortable, natural and feminine clothes. So that every woman in our clothes feels love, attractiveness and care for herself, becomes happier, brighter, radiates joy and gives it to others, especially her loved ones.

Respect for Mother Earth's resources is also very important to us. We use only natural materials such as linen, cotton and tencel. They are made from plants and are biodegradable, we can write a lot about their healthy, aesthetic and energetic properties, so we share this on our Instagram @sandara_ca.

We try not to produce unnecessary things and use every inch of fabric, creating reusable masks, hair bands from the remnants, also we give small pieces to hand-made craftsmen who make products such as quilted bags and blankets, and conduct creative classes for children.

Each product is handcrafted by Sargylana and her assistant Melissio locally in Los Angeles.

We partner with tree planting organizations such as One Tree Planted and Plant a Cedar. Each of your orders is one tree planted. We are proud to help the planet become greener and cleaner!


Sandara's goals are:

  • more happy people who take care of themselves, love and cherish Nature's resources
  • reduce the consumption of polyester in the world
  • more conscious and quality purchases
  • so that there are more people who value naturalness and environmental friendliness in clothes.