Guide "How to create a sustainable clothing line"

My name is Sargylana Androsova. I'am a developer of eco clothing line Sandara (

On the way to creating my business, I studied many materials dedicated both to creating a clothing brand and organizing the maximum eco-friendly manufacturing.

The goal of this Guide is to help the reader get a simple and clear picture out of complex, patchy knowledge from the internet.

In the Guide, I tried to tell you about the main principles and ideas of creating an eco clothing brand in a clear and informative way.

Developing a business in the ecology area is not only an ethical choice. It's an upcoming trend of successful business activity.

Fashion is the world's second line of the industry by significance and the volume of the global supply chain. It harms people and the natural ecosystems of our planet. We are responsible for changing the status quo and contributing to the preservation of our planet.

The Guide will be helpful if you ...

  • Plan to create your own eco clothing brand. You'll get to know how to minimize the adverse environmental impact of clothing manufacturing.
  • Study to be a designer and want to develop in this area. You'll create clothes, which will set trends.
  • You're an influencer, blogger, media person who wants to know more and cover the sustainability and consciousness subject in your blog. You'll be able to have a positive effect on consumers.
  • Plant to take the first steps to make a standing brand eco one. Sustainability is already in fashion.


Using the knowledge from the Guide you'll get a competitive edge and will be able to make the brand more significant, improve the company's reputation, and, more importantly, minimize adverse environmental impact.

Eco-fashion is the fashion of the future!



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